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[02 Oct 2005|07:13pm]


For the past 6 months, Tom DeLonge has been in the studio preparing the greatest rock-n-roll revolution for this generation.

Stay tuned to Macbeth Shoes for the latest news regarding Tom DeLonge's new band, Angels and Airwaves.

"I love my fans, and I promise, I will not let you down. The music that we all grew to charish that was made, not only will continue, but it will be much, much better. All I can say is hold on, and prepare..." -- tom delonge

Angels & Airwaves Band Members
Tom DeLonge - vocals & guitar
David Kennedy - guitar
Atom Willard - drums
Ryan Sinn - bass

// official site
// myspace
// wikipedia article

[23 Feb 2005|09:52pm]


"For over a decade, Blink-182 has toured, recorded and done non-stop promotion all while trying to balance relationships with family and friends.

To that end, the band has decided to go on an indefinite hiatus to spend some time enjoying the fruits of their labors with their loved ones.
While there is no set plan for the band to begin working together again, no one knows what tomorrow may bring."

Click here to listen to an interview with Travis.

[14 Sep 2004|02:07pm]

join this community and share your files with those that can't download!

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[23 Aug 2004|06:23pm]

Hey everyone. I'd hate to see this community die, so I'm going around LiveJournal trying to promote it wherever possible. I'd also like to ask the current members to promote as much as you can.

If anyone would like to post an entry in community, remember there are lots of suggestions already available. Also, if anyone has any icons/signs that they would like to post, feel free to do so. Anything related to Blink 182/Box Car Racer is welcome.


01. 02.
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Friends Only Signs

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*Remember! Please give credit to special if you take any of these.
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[24 Jul 2004|07:20pm]


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